Traveling = Life

The crazy beginning process of leaving the country for the first time.


Well, what started out as a wild and crazy idea to me has become uncomfortably scary. When I signed up to go on this trip to Europe this summer, I didn’t have anywhere near the funds to pay for it, let alone feed myself. After lots of pondering and praying, I felt impressed to go for it. When I acted on that prompting, many crazy things happened and here I am. I’m still not financially secure, but I feel confident that I can scrape by.

It’s gone from one craziness to the next. When I turned in my birth certificate to receive my passport, I was sent a letter in response after about a month. Apparently, my birth certificate is missing the date it was recorded. This must be an absolutely earth-shattering problem considering the fact that I’ve had the same copy since I was born. It’s difficult for me not to be infuriated by this situation. If someone had told me to fix this years ago, I wouldn’t have to worry about this delay right now. I don’t understand why it’s good enough for everyone else, but not the passport people. It’s going to work out, though. I just know it!

Anyway, it’s been a bit stressful for me to realize how much money I’m actually having to put toward this endeavor. Expenses I never foresaw -such as shoes that actually don’t kill you while walking miles and miles- have begun to pile up and I almost feel panicked by this. I almost never spend money on myself, especially not on good quality things.

Actually, finding good shoes to buy is hard! I bought two pairs of shoes that will be arriving tomorrow and a few other things I’m excited about. I want to make sure that I have very few problems within my control haha because I know I’ll have quite a few problems that I won’t be able to foresee. So, a little stressful.

All that aside, I’m starting to get excited about Europe. I can’t believe that I am going to see the world, up-close and personal! As I’ve worked on assignments for my class, the anticipation has begun to build tremendously. My classes are so interesting and I love all that I’m learning about.

Even though things seem to be up and down for me right now, no matter what happens, this is certainly an adventure. It’s an experience of a lifetime! I can’t wait to learn about cultures hands-on, explore the arts of the world, and learn about myself as well. I can’t wait!


My Passport Arrived!!!

After much hoping and praying that things would come together in the end, they have!! I’m so grateful that everything went through and that I am able to actually go! Getting ready to go on this adventure was an adventure all it’s own.

I know I didn’t tell a lot of people until very last minute because I was afraid of getting everyone’s hopes up and then not ending up going, because so much was up in the air. But, with the help and encouragement of many of my professors, financial aid counselors, my best friend, my dad, and my Heavenly Father, I decided to take the plunge! Everyone was so willing to help me and support my dream, even though I was concerned that this was a bad way to spend my money, and I was sure everyone of them would tell me it was impossible.

I’m so grateful for this dream and opportunity! I actually got a blessing on Sunday because I felt really nervous about taking this step still. I knew that my prayers from way back in January were answered and I was told to plan to go, but I think I needed a little bit more assurance. Needless to say, I know that this trip is somehow a very important step in my life, and I plan to use it to bless as many people as I can.

I guess this is mostly a post of gratitude. It’s finally setting in that I’m going., and I feel like I need to pinch myself. I’ll be gone by Monday night! Did I mention I hate planes? I really hate planes. It stinks because I love travel haha but it’s true. I think our plane trip is something like 13 hours each way. I’m praying that I won’t die hahaha.

I’ll keep you updated quite a bit these next few days as I can’t stop thinking about where I’ll be next week!